Wondered what a Virtual Assistant is and what they do?

Growing your team can be confusing. But if you know what a Virtual Assistant is and what they do, it will make them your first choice as your first team hire!

Ever asked yourself, what is a Virtual Assistant and what do they do?

It can be confusing when you first look to grow a team. There is a good chance that your business has been run solely by you since it began. Looking at your options can be a little baffling, confusing and daunting, especially when it comes to taking on your first team member - and especially if it’s been suggested that your first team member is a Virtual Assistant (VA). After all, what is a VA anyway - and what the heck do they do?

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A VA is a remote worker who is self-employed and works on a contracted or freelance basis. Generally, work from their own office, normally their home. A VA works with several clients at any time, providing them all with the necessary services needed to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. Each client will usually have a contract that stipulates the set number of hours they are hiring the VA for - so they’re only paying for the hours (minutes) needed and used.

As a small business owner, myself, I understand how you may be feeling about getting your business organised and on a path for growth. More importantly, I can help you with both of those tasks!

So what does a Virtual Assistant actually do?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by businesses looking to hire a VA! And that is understandable as, how can you know how much time you need to hire your VA for if you don’t know what the they can do for you.

A VA can provide a vast range of different services. There are many VA’s that specialise in specific areas - such as websites or using a software platform. Many more will work with dedicated niche areas, and this impacts on the type of service they can provide. Some have a team of other VA’s that are used to support when a task is not within their remit. The good news is you don’t have to stick to one VA you can have a few that specialise in specific areas.

As a VA myself I have given you a breakdown below of some of the more common tasks that I can provide for you:

Administrative tasks

Which will provide a profession and effective overview for your clients

  • Diary and calendar management.

  • Email management and declutter.

  • Appointment scheduling, updating your contacts.

  • Filtering and replying to your emails.

  • Data entry/cleansing.

  • CRM set up and management.

  • Typing, including transcription and copy.

  • Electronic file organisation.

  • Formatting of reports, letters, and other documents.

  • Minute taking.

  • Fleet management including tax, MOT’s and insurance, servicing, and repairs,

  • Recruitment, including response handling, screening, interviewing, drawing up shortlists, arranging appointments and confirmations.

  • Start-up business support.

  • Managing your to-do list.

  • Travel Itineraries, tickets, and hotels.

  • Handling your expense and travel claims.

Strategic Support

Effective support to help you streamline your processes and procedures, ensuring consistency for your business.

  • Business Process Mapping– working with you to record your current business processes and identifying pressure points and duplication and enable leaner processes and supporting continual improvement.

  • Procedure development – ensuring compliance with internal policies.

  • Project coordination – maintaining and monitoring project plans, schedules, work hours and budgets. Arranging stakeholder meetings.

Financial Support

Helping you to keep on track with your finance and budgets

  • Getting your receipts in order ready for your accountant or year end

  • Creation and sending estimates and quotations

  • Creation and sending of invoices

  • Chasing late payment

Customer relationship

I can support your response times to your customers,

  • Responding to initial enquiries, responding on your behalf.

  • Management of client onboarding processes.

  • Management of client termination processes.

  • Telephone support for when you are not in the office.

  • Competitor research.

Personal tasks

I am not just limited to helping you with your business life -your personal life is just as important;

  • Gift sourcing and purchasing.

  • Calendar management for the family, to ensure you’re all where you need to be, with time to spare!

Social media support

This can include anything from;

  • Engagement, replying to comments on your social media pages.

  • Planning and scheduling posts.

As you can see above, as a VA, I can be a huge asset to your business. I can help you get more organised, as well as free up your time and your to-do list. Giving you the best opportunity to focus on what you do best, and the next time you want to expand your team, you can even outsource that process to me too!

I hope I have answered your question, what is a VA and what do they do? If you do have any further questions, you would like me to answer, please get in touch,

Tel: 01223 603025 or email sandy@virtuellsolutions.co.uk

Alternatively download my client guide on How I Work.

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