What do you get for you bucks?

As a business looking to hire, you need to know how much a Virtual Assistant will cost. Here’s how to get answers, clarification & narrow down your selection!

How much does a Virtual Assistant cost?

As a business owner looking to hire in a Virtual Assistant, you'll no doubt be asking yourself how much does a Virtual Assistant cost?

Unfortunately, there is no set minimum or maximum rate. How much Virtual Assistants cost it isn’t as straight forward as you think it would be. You need to consider many factors, so you don’t find your ideal Virtual Assistant and then get stung on rates.

So here's how you can get answers and clarification while narrowing down your selection and avoiding any nasty financial surprises.

Be clear what you need a Virtual Assistant for

Start by clarifying what tasks you'd like your Virtual Assistant to do. Ideally you would know your hourly rate and have a list of your tasks, identifying what you can outsource now, what would be nice to outsource but not yet and a wish list for outsourcing in the future. If not have a read of my blog https://www.virtuellsolutions.co.uk/post/why-hire-a-virtual-assistant

Not only will this help narrow down how many hours you need a Virtual Assistant for each month. Remember though, many Virtual Assistants do specialise in different aspects of their work, choosing a specialist service will impact on your budget.

Consider the industry standards

There are no set industry standard hourly rates for UK Virtual Assistants however, as a general guideline, the hourly rate varies between £15-£35 per hour. Or if you are looking for specialist work the cost can be quite specific to that project.

Remember there could be other expenses too, such as printing, telephone calls on your behalf, purchase, set up and using software that is specific to you.

How much does a Virtual Assistant cost? Shop around!

You need to do your research, don’t just post on Facebook or LinkedIn saying you are looking to hire a Virtual Assistant, if you do, you will have every type of Virtual Assistant replying and pitching to you. Just think how that will eat into your time and budget! Be specific if you do need to do this.

Ask for recommendations from business colleagues who already hire a Virtual Assistant. As Virtual Assistants are remote workers, you could even widen your search outside your locality and make it UK-wide (after all that is what VIRTUAL WORKING is about) gather a shortlist of potential candidates. If you really want to go further afield you could also search worldwide, but it’s worth remembering that will often mean having to overcome language barriers and time differences as well as ensuring your information is safe.

Speak to your shortlisted Virtual Assistants

Once you've narrowed down your selection, research your list,

  • do a google search

  • do they have a website - if so take time to read it through,

  • review their services – are they what you are looking for?

  • Are their prices visible – Adhoc and packages

  • Are they advertising any memberships

Society of Virtual Assistants have set up industry standards

for Virtual Assistants, such as

  • dedicated phone number,

  • work email (not just gmail etc)

  • Insurance,

  • ICO registered.

They also have an Approved Virtual Assistant scheme and you can view more here


Finally book in a discovery call with each of your shortlisted Virtual Assistants. Don't be afraid to ask for their rates, both as ad-hoc hourly prices and block bookings.

Be clear about

  • your business needs

  • your business, what its about and who your clients/customers are

  • What you hope to achieve by hiring them (do you want to free up time to spend with family, or time to work directly with clients.

If you can only afford to hire them for the outsource now tasks, but you want to be able to outsource more later on, mention this to the Virtual Assistants and see if there's a solution they can recommend that suits your needs and your budget.

FINALLY Don't let cost be the only deciding factor

Finally, don't let cost be your only deciding factor. You need to have a Virtual Assistant who you get along with and can support and work with you to see you through your business goals and plans. You need to see a Virtual Assistant as a investment.

As you can see, it isn’t just answering the question of how much does a Virtual Assistant cost, it’s a whole lot more.

Remind yourself what you will benefit from hiring a Virtual Assistant - the time and space to focus on what you do best. Plus, you're also hiring the professional support your business needs, to get it to the next level.

If you would like to learn more about working with me, please arrange a call 01223 603025 or email sandy@virtuellsolutions.co.uk

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