Coronavirus - get your business tip-top ready for the other side

As I put this together, we are embarking on our next stage of lock down. I am lucky enough to be part of a robust industry of Virtual Assistants (VA).  As a VA I have numerous transferable skills and can work with any type of business in any location and time zone. Handy for this current situation we find ourselves in!

Lots of businesses have been affected by the current pandemic, you may be one of them, you may not be.

Either way, I can offer you some practical support to protect your business and your sanity.

  • I can help you record your business processes, in case you are unwell, not just now, but any time in the future.

  • I could help you conduct a SWOT analysis and create a business continuity plan, to future proof your business and allow you to operate in a crisis, such as now.

  • Setting up a Facebook page, where you can interact with your clients and keep them easily in the loop.

  • Emailing your customers or clients to let them know what you are up to in respect of the pandemic: is it business as usual? are you remaining closed? are you opening but for a set period of time? what safety measures you are taking? if events are being cancelled, advise about refunds /reschedule/exchanges.

  • Help you work remotely, I can research and implement tools that you can use to help you work, such as Trello, Slack, Dropbox etc.

  • Help you to “tidy up” emails, Dropbox or other electronic storage.

  • I can put together a V BOOK similar to an ebook, so you can talk to your clients through video, add some facts, how to's or activities and you have something that you can send to your clients, which is a little bit different too!

So what else can I offer you in this time of madness?

  •  I am already set up to work remotely.

  • A valuable skill set from over 20 years of office experience.

  • Flexibility, confidentiality, resourcefulness and resilience, and can adapt to situations quickly.

  • I offer value for money and can work to your budget.

Raise your profile / reputation - it will be worth it!

You may be stressed out and/or tired and may not have your business hat on. You may need to take a small step sideways and think about the other side of this unusual situation, don't make rash decisions that may impact on your business later on. Now is the time to keep marketing, keep being visible, and, depending on your business, send your clients free hints and tips, free fact sheets, Vbooks, activities for the children.

If you are in the position where you are not affected by the pandemic, you may like to help your local community or customer, have a look at this 50 Ways Companies Can Give Back During Coronavirus

Pause, Breathe and Remember

"every situation in life is temporary. So, when life is good, make sure you enjoy and receive it fully. And when life is not so good, remember that it will not last forever and better days are on the way” (Jenni Young)

Please do get in touch for a no obligation chat and see what I can do for you!


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