Hiring a Virtual Assistant is one of the most important and previous resources a small business or entrepreneur can use and manage. You only have so many hours in a day, so why not help yourself to get some of those back.

However, many small businesses don’t even contemplate a VA or an assistant of any kind, perhaps a VA is seen as a luxury, an expense or an added pressure to manage. Well, hang on there, with today’s digital know how, making use of a VA is a real possibility, its affordable too and will no doubt be of a massive benefit to you, your business and most of all your customers.

How do you know it’s the right time to hire a VA?

  • You are spending too much time on repetitive tasks?

  • You are overwhelmed by all the business tasks that you are doing?

  • You are struggling to meet deadlines because of your workload?

  • You are turning work away?

  • Not enough hours in the day?

  • You are sitting on YouTube trying to learn new skills as you are not experienced in that field?

  • Your family and friends are complaining they never see you?

Answered YES to any of the above? Then you are ready to step into the world of VA’s and reap the benefits. I know what you are going to say now… “how the heck do I know what to give a VA to do”

What is the first task I can hire a VA for?

If you have got this far, then you have taken a fabulous step for you and your business, you have decided that a VA is for you after all, but how do you identify the task/s that you want to hand over to the VA. There is no right answer for this, but using this simple but effective exercise will help you to identify that task or tasks.

  1. Grab a bit of paper and find somewhere quiet to sit.

  2. Write down every single task that you carry out on a daily basis – yep, I mean every single thing, emails, phone calls…. Everything.

  3. Order the tasks from hardest to easiest, or if you are a visual person, highlight them. Green = easy, Red = hard. Easiest/green = repetitive and mundane and can be easily outsourced to a VA. Hardest/red = only you can do this.

  4. once you have identified the task/s, circle it and don’t forget it, email it to yourself, write on your action list. This is the first task you will give to your VA.

Now you have your task/s list, get in touch with me, Sandy at Virtuell Solutions, let me become your Virtual Assistant, the partner in your business who takes care of the tasks that make your eyes glaze over.


phone 01223 603025.

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