5 Reasons you need a Virtual Assistant

If you've been running your business single-handled since the beginning, you have been doing okay as you are, right? So, it's understandable that you may be questioning why you need a Virtual Assistant.

If you're tired of juggling tasks, are looking to get more organised, or are merely curious, here are five reasons why you need a Virtual Assistant.

# Reason 1 - You can't be a jack of all trades

Just because its only you in your business, that does not mean you need to learn everything. Stop wasting valuable time learning things you don’t need to learn or worse you have no interest in at all. I'm sure there's currently things on your ever-growing to-do list that you continually move back or put them off as you simply don't want or know how to do them. The essential tasks that you are doing, but are not cost effective for you to do as the business owner, these tasks could include, diary management, conference organisation, recording expenses, chasing payments etc. Your time could and should be better spent, so is it not time to get those tasks off your to do list and add them to someone else’s?

# Reason 2 There are only 24 hours in your day

Question - are you currently working the hours you want to work? Did you start your business to gain freedom or to work part-time around your family - but finding that impossible to achieve? This is why you need a Virtual Assistant.

Protect your time. No matter how many hours you work, you will only be able to get so much done in the time available to you. Your brain can also only cope with so much work, before it too, needs a break. Let’s face it, it makes sense to have a Virtual Assistant, your extra pair of hands, giving you greater focus and more impact on the time you are given, focusing on the tasks you need and want to do, the rest can be outsourced.

# Reason 3 Your health matters

Burnout, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and worry – sounds familiar? Yep, all common problems for business owners like you. Your struggling to get the right work life balance. Your trying to do it all. There's not enough down-time and too much work time going on!

Remember, if you're not well, both you, your family and your business will suffer. You’re at risk of being a workaholic too, you need to look after yourself and not take on too much or work too hard. Be Kind to yourself and hire that Virtual Assistant to help you achieve a better work-life balance.

# Reason 4 It's time to call in the professionals

Some business tasks are simply too specialised for you to do well. Yes, you could take the time out to learn them, but can you afford to do that, when there are people already out there with the skills and knowledge to do this for you? Are you really managing tasks such as social media, SEO and web management okay – are they really at a standard you are happy with and benefiting your business, or is it just a quick get that out there with no thought planning or branding in sight.

It's also worth remembering that customer relationship management, diary management and event/meeting set up and organisation all eat into an average working day. If these aren't run well, they reflect poorly on you and your future business potential. You need a Virtual Assistant to manage these things for you, as it not only helps your business run smoother, it also portrays a more professional image for your company. Imagine having your emails answered on your behalf, your diary managed, and meetings organised for you. Nice thought?

# Reason 5 Don’t your clients deserve the best of you.

Not just half of you. Your business is your passion, that could be providing a service or selling a product and it is what you are good at. Your clients deserve to see your expertise and your passion, don’t they? Therefore, you need a Virtual Assistant.

Everything else in your business can often be handled competently and efficiently, either by outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant or adding a specialist to your team. After all, it's not just your clients that deserve the best of you - you, your family, your friends and your business do too!

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