Julie Savill

JA Savill Consulting Ltd

Project and Change Management Services


January 2020


I have known Sandy for 15 years and I was really pleased when I arrived back in Cambridgeshire County Council last year to project manage the Liquidlogic Project with Darren Read, we could recruit Sandy to the project team.  Sandy has been pivotal in helping us data cleanse data in the legacy systems ready for migration to the new Liquidlogic system. This work had strict deadlines aligned with structured UAT cycles. Sandy also assisted with data testing and coordinating system users over our Go LIVE weekend. Sandy is methodical, has great attention to detail and works autonomously to conclusion. Bags of integrity and a pleasure to work with.  I have no hesitation in recommending Sandy!



Testimony from Sally Purcell, Senior Information Development Officer, Cambridgeshire County Council


6th February 2020


I have worked with Sandy Blackwell for a number of years in Cambridgeshire County Council.  More recently (since October 2019) Sandy has worked directly for me in the capacity of Project Data Officer whilst we have rolled out a new IT system for Children’s Services.

During this time I have found Sandy to be a pleasure to work with, she is calm in the face of huge work and time pressures, seems to take changes in direction in her stride and quietly gets on with the task at hand.

She is proactive in her work and will often interact with others around the organisation to delegate tasks or gather more information so that she can complete the work herself.  She is very autonomous in her role and is perfectly happy making her own decisions in her day to day work and coming to me as and when necessary for joint decisions.

Thanks to Sandy and her colleagues we were able to go live with our new IT system in January this year.  This was a huge success for us in The Council and without Sandy’s support we would not have been able to go live when we did.

I will miss Sandy’s positive attitude and having her to turn to when large tasks need to be completed quickly.

Sandy would be well suited to a variety of roles and sectors.  Her experience means that she is very flexible in her approach and the work she undertakes and can turn her hand to all manner of activities.



Darren Read-O’Toole

System Implementation Project Manager

24 January 2020



Sandra supported me with the social care and early help systems implementations in Cambridgeshire County Council.  Not only was Sandra an absolute pleasure to have on the project, she was integral in helping us achieve our go live timescales with some extremely complex data cleansing work.  I would not hesitate to recommend Sandra and hope our paths cross again the near future.