Frequently Asked Questions

Client Guide to How I Work

A document for you to review, giving an overview of my working processes.

Will I meet my Virtual Assistant in person?

  • Ideally meetings will take place using appropriate software, such as Zoom and Skype.  If it is felt necessary to meet in person we would discuss this and make necessary arrangements. However, travel expenses may occur as a result.

Can my Virtual Assistant work on holidays, weekends, or after hours?

  • I would be happy to discuss your requirements of working any hours other than office hours,  if this is something you need we can come up with a solution.

What happens after I have made contact with you?

  • I will make arrangements with you to have a introductory call / meeting.  We will go through what you think you may need help with.  I will contact you shortly afterwards and provide you with a proposal and we can go from there.